Winslett Jewellery

Story of Winslett Jewellery

Because everyone
quality, true
affordable luxury
and service.

In Winslett every jewellery we creates is not just a jewellery, its a crown that our customer earn in their every stage of achievement. Thats why we put our time and effort to ensure every single little details of our product.

Everyone should take joy of their very own form of luxury in every achievements of their life, ranging from an entry level price point, we creates affordable pieces that people whose never enjoyed diamond before, could have their first dia- mond jewellery in the good quality and modest price.

As a service oriented company,we treats our customer in a very welcomed manner. We ensure every of our customer gets the best service, information and products. We aim to bring our customer a whole new level of retail experience in a profound way.

The Pink Box

The Pink Box

Our jewellery is always presented in the legendary Winslett Pink Box. It holds the promise of breathtaking design, superlative quality and flawless craftsmanship. It’s the box that makes your heart beats faster.

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